Fine Chocolates box "Ma Bretagne"

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Chocolates box filled with:

- 2 Roscoff: dark chocolate cream filling with algae from Roscoff bay, coated in dark chocolate.

- 2 Surprise: praline blend with crêpes dentelles and flower of salt, coated in dark chocolate.

- 2 Sarrasin: hazelnut praline, roasted and ground buckwheat, crumbled buckwheat and flower of salt, coated in 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

- 2 Folies: crispy praline with slivers of flower of salt caramel, coated in milk chocolate.

- 2 Guérande: flower of salt creamy caramel coated in dark chocolate.

- 2 Larher: slightly intense grand cru dark chocolate cream-filling, coated in dark chocolate.

Weight: 110 g minimum / 12 pieces




ARNAUD LARHER advises you to preserve its chocolates away from light, humidity and heat. They must be kept at a temperature between 15° and 18°, they will be perfect for tasting.

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Weight 200 g