My wife Caroline and I run three companies in one.

She manages our shops and communications, with responsibility for keeping the team informed. I always listen closely to her advice regarding our Produits and clients’ wishes. We generate the ideas together.

I choose my employees for their desire to be fully involved in the business.

I coordinate the tasks of a dozen staff:

– my head pastry chef is my right hand man, Mickaël Bolaingue (13 years of collaboration); he’s my eyes whenever I’m away and oversees all production stations. A chef like this only comes along once in a great while, with such loyalty, sincerity and continual dedication to improvement.

Without my team, I obviously couldn’t function; their passion for the trade shines in their eyes and they’ve built the reputation of the Arnaud Larher brand. I thank them warmly for their belief in me and my ideas.

Knowing that team members require six months of training to handle their station and gradually introduce their personal touch, I place considerable importance on knowledge transmission.

I was given a great head start during my training, without which I never could have opened my own business at the age of 24.

Awarded the distinction as one of France’s best pastry chefs, I make every effort possible to assist my team in their steps to become master pastry chefs.

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